Technologies and tools related to Industry 4.0

The industry 4.0 is becoming a requirement for the market of tomorrow. Customers often expect the orders are processed quickly and easily and also that the  products  are highly personalized.

The  future  needs and  wishes of the clients  will  only be possible  to satisfy  through  the merging both the production area and the digital data of the company. This  will  provide the  necessary  information to  workers  and  customers  to  deliver  a  good  product  and service and in the same way to optimize the manufacturing process.

The industry 4.0 allows adjusting the digitalization to the needs of each of the companies and not the other way around. Some of the example can be the planning  and  simulation of intelligent factories as well as a  selection  and  deployment  of  technologies,  methods and tools aimed at the digitalization.

In order to implement the industry 4.0 in a traditional company, some of the methods to take into account include:

  • Analysis of the processes and models of business of the company.
  • Seminars and awareness of workers and managers to the industry 4.0.
  • Definition of  demands  and  selection  of  systems,  including  evaluation  and  cost effectiveness.
  • Documentation of Results.

Once the  Industry  4.0 has  been  implemented,  the  company  will  have a  new  way  of working, as the digitization will force them to make use  of new  technologies.  The  most widely used technologies of the Industry 4.0 are the following:

  • IIoT (Industrial Internet of things)- Use of the IoT technologies industrial  processes.
  • Ciberphysic  Systems:  All  those  devices  that  integrate  capabilities  of  processing, storage and communication.
  • Additive  manufacturing,  3D  Printing: Allows  the  hyper  personalization  and  not more   expensive   process   because   it  allows  to  manufacture   products  without penalizing the cost.
  • Big Data, Data Mining and Data Analytics:  Analysis of all the  information stored  to be  able to access  valuable  information  about the  behaviour  of  the  processes  in order to prevent problems, plan resources etc. In short, to  anticipate  future  events automatically and proactively.
  • Artificial  Intelligence: Tools  and  technologies  capable  of  processing  in  real-time large volumes of information drawn from Big Data technologies.
  • Robotics Collaborative (Cobot): New generation of  industrial robots  that  cooperate with humans. They are flexible, accessible and relatively easy to program.
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: A Tool for optimization  of  designs,  process automation, control of the manufacture, training of workers and maintenance work and follow-up.

big data bilaketarekin bat datozen irudiak


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  1. Hey nice article summarizing and joining two crucial topics of the near future of the Industry! Completely agree with you when you state that digitalization and data management is paramount for achieving a Industry 4.0 model!
    Good job!

    Me gusta

  2. Thaks for showing your interest and we are happy that you think it is a nice article. We thought it was interesting to join the most current technologies with the latest topic Industry 4.0, since they have much to do with each other.

    Me gusta

  3. It’s really interesting the amount of topics that were covered in this article, however, do you think that technology watch can be implemented in order to improve industrial efficiency? How could we implement Google advanced search tools for example?

    -Fernanda Lopez

    Me gusta

    1. Well, first of all I’m glad that you find our topic really interesting. In this post we wanted to share the latest technologies that Industry 4.0 uses so the technology watch would help by keeping companies up to date with both these technologies and the newer ones that will appear. About the Google advanced tools, they could be used to obtain specific and reliable data for decision making and running the company.

      Me gusta


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